IDMANN Institute is focused on creating REAL employment for REAL people. Experiential learning is an important part of our offering at IDMANN. Our programs are designed to support working students to get real jobs, or create new ones. Beyond that, we also welcome students who are willing to work to DEFRAY part of their educational expenses. This is covered by the IDMANN Work Study Program. In this program, students are placed into productive work positions at IDMANN Institute and related entities. In addition to internal positions, we also offer students an opportunity to work in related companies and organizations. The income students realize from these positions help them defray their educational expenses.  These jobs are typically part-time, recognizing the academic demands on the students’ time.

The work study program is managed by the Experiential Services Unit and is coordinated with the relevant program directors, and the corporate administration of the institution. Open positions shall be made available to students on a competitive basis. Students will be expected to apply and present themselves professionally for evaluation. Students in the work-study program must adhere to all regulations in the providing organizational unit. All open positions at IDMANN Institute are posted on this web site. Students may apply for job postings on this web site and indicate their intent to enroll in the Work-Study program. Generally IDMANN Institute students are given favorable consideration in filling open positions as long as they are suitably qualified for the advertised position.

Interested students are encouraged to visit this web site and review postings on the Employment Pages periodically.