According to studies, more than half of new supervisors and managers receive little or no training before taking on their new responsibilities. This often results in sub-par, and occasionally, detrimental performance by new supervisors. The Supervisory Training Program (STP) at IDMANN Institute is a hands-on, collaborative learning program that helps current and aspiring entry-level supervisors acquire the tools and capabilities they need to succeed.

This program is intended for students and working professionals in China who want an immersive experience in the English Language. It provides students an opportunity to learn English in very small groups, taught by seasoned English Language educators. Beyond that, students also study American culture; they practice presenting their ideas and WRITTEN opinions before an audience of their peers thereby building their confidence and presentation skills.

The world is changing. In the recent past, teaching online was viewed as a specialty, even a luxury. Today it is a necessity. However, most teachers have had no formal training or practice in online teaching and are expected to teach students who depend on them for guidance. This can make for a very stressful experience for teachers, and a less-than-satisfactory, even chaotic, experience for students. The Online Teacher Preparation Practicum (OTPP) fills that gap. It is designed to RAPIDLY train and equip teachers to become effective online instructors irrespective of subject area or degree of computer proficiency.

The 6-month Six Sigma and Productivity Management Program (SSP) provides students with the practical training needed to become qualified, proficient quality improvement practitioners. Students initially are prepared to gain their Yellow Belt certification before proceeding through to the training that support their eventual Green Belt certification.