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The structure of the NPP follows the NCLEX testing curriculum fairly closely. Beyond the strict requirements of the NCLEX testing, NPP also prepares students for life in North America by sharing experiences from real-life working professionals. The course curriculum is outlined below:

  • Introduction to NPP and NCLEX
  • Healthcare & The Law
  • Healthcare Work Fatigue
  • Human Trafficking - Know The Signs
  • Laboratory Best Practices: Understanding & Reading Lab Results
  • Infection Control & Management of Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs)
  • Skeletal System Review
  • Muscular System Review
  • Medication Administration /Pharmacology Review (includes Evolution of Bar Coding)
  • Neurological System Review
  • Microbiology - Understanding Transmission of Infection (MRSA, VRE, TB, etc.)
  • Circulatory System /Cardiac Function
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Pain Management
  • Child Development
  • Endocrine System
  • Pulmonary System
  • Psychology Review
  • Age-Specific Competency
  • Delegation & Patient Assignment
  • Women's Services/Maternity
  • HIPPA & Regulatory Compliance
  • Review Codes BLS/ACLS
  • Living & Working In North America

Given the volume of material needed for the NCLEX, students are provided with a robust testing platform on which they can practice each of the NCLEX modules under timed testing conditions. Students have to pass one module to advance to the next one. This unique feature of the NPP is critical to student success because by the time of sitting the actual NCLEX test, students would be adequately prepared.