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This 6-month program prepares nurses (typically student nurses or working professionals) to sit for the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination). NCLEX is the qualifying test for foreign nurses seeking to work in the US and Canada.

NPP is an NCLEX preparatory testing program that prepares students for this examination. Guided by highly seasoned practicing nurses and nurse trainers, in combination with an array of live testing material via the IDMANN Online Learning Platform, students are prepared for the NCLEX via this 6-month program.

As part of the program, students receive practical and timely relevant job counseling and professional advice on employment opportunities in the US and Canada from the working professionals leading the classes. Beyond the program, eligible students who demonstrate outstanding performance in the program and subsequent test may also receive assistance with job placement. 

The structure of the NPP follows the NCLEX testing curriculum fairly closely. Beyond the strict requirements of the NCLEX testing, NPP also prepares students for life in North America by sharing experiences from real-life working professionals. The course curriculum is outlined below:

  • Introduction to NPP and NCLEX
  • Healthcare & The Law
  • Healthcare Work Fatigue
  • Human Trafficking - Know The Signs
  • Laboratory Best Practices: Understanding & Reading Lab Results
  • Infection Control & Management of Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs)
  • Skeletal System Review
  • Muscular System Review
  • Medication Administration /Pharmacology Review (includes Evolution of Bar Coding)
  • Neurological System Review
  • Microbiology - Understanding Transmission of Infection (MRSA, VRE, TB, etc.)
  • Circulatory System /Cardiac Function
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Pain Management
  • Child Development
  • Endocrine System
  • Pulmonary System
  • Psychology Review
  • Age-Specific Competency
  • Delegation & Patient Assignment
  • Women's Services/Maternity
  • HIPPA & Regulatory Compliance
  • Review Codes BLS/ACLS
  • Living & Working In North America

Given the volume of material needed for the NCLEX, students are provided with a robust testing platform on which they can practice each of the NCLEX modules under timed testing conditions. Students have to pass one module to advance to the next one. This unique feature of the NPP is critical to student success because by the time of sitting the actual NCLEX test, students would be adequately prepared.


Classes are held weekly in LIVE, interactive online sessions led by highly experienced nursing practitioners and trainers (primarily from the U.S). Classes are scheduled for evenings and weekends to accommodate working nurses as well as supported students. Extensive practice testing material is available to assist with exam preparation.

Students are assigned to cohorts based on a balance between availability in a given cohort and indicated preference of students during the application process. (Individualized classes are scheduled at the convenience of the student and the instructor but must meet the minimum participation requirements for the program.)

The exact schedule of classes and the electronic credentials needed for online access are provided to students in their Admissions Package.

  • The NPP program runs for 6 months (24 weeks).
  • NPP cohorts typically start the first (working) Monday of every quarter (January, April, July and October).
  • Registration for new NPP cohorts closes 1 month in advance of the start date. (For instance, students who want to participate in a  program starting in January need to be registered by the end of November.) This is to ensure proper planning and management of cohort sizes.
  • NPP classes typically meet online twice a week; registered students have access to study and test material on the online platform every day of the week.
  • Special classes for organizations, groups or associations may be arranged outside of this standing schedule. (For group schedules, send email to )

IDMANN Institute is committed to providing affordable, quality education for as many students as possible. The institution provides a standing bursary for students in most of our programs based on available financial resources. The goal of the bursary is to assist students in a particular demographic or grouping that may legitimately benefit from the program but may face financial challenges in covering the full cost of tuition.

IDMANN Challenge Bursary:

This program is supported by the IDMANN Challenge Bursary. The IDMANN Challenge Bursary is financial aid provided by IDMANN Institute and partner organizations that fund the Enterprise Development Fund. The IDMANN Challenge Bursary supports students according to the following criteria:

  1. The IDMANN Challenge Bursary only covers tuition, not the application fee. Awards are made AFTER students have applied and have been successfully admitted into the program.
  2. The IDMANN Challenge Bursary will only support the first ten (10) eligible students to apply in the qualifying cohort. This means that students who apply early are more likely to be successfully considered for the bursary award. The Challenge Bursary is made on a "first-come first-awarded" basis. Students in eligible countries are STRONGLY encouraged to apply early and to indicate their intent to apply for the bursary award. (No special form is required, simply indicate in the application form.)  
  3. The IDMANN Challenge Bursary covers 50% of the tuition for students. It does NOT cover the application fee. 
  4. The IDMANN Challenge Bursary operates on a contributory basis. This means that students must pay their share of the tuition IN A TIMELY MANNER for the bursary to be applied. In the event that students fail to make their payments in a timely manner, the bursary award will automatically lapse and students will be responsible for the full tuition.
  5. Bursary awards are for a specific cohort in a specific course and cannot be transferred to another course. However, in the event that the award recipient needs to transfer to a different cohort within the same course, upon approval of their instructor, the bursary award may be transferred to the new cohort at the same level of support as in the previous cohort.
  6. The IDMANN Challenge Bursary is available subject to continued availability of funds to support the bursary. The Institute and supporting partners may terminate the program without prior notice. In any circumstance, students awarded a bursary will receive the committed support through the completion of their studies at IDMANN Institute.
  7. The IDMANN Challenge Bursary is available only to students applying to the program and are RESIDENT in the following countries at the time of application: Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Jamaica, Kenya, Tanzania, Guyana, Suriname, Haiti and Indonesia.



Application & Registration Fees:


 Application Fee    $125  
 Tuition (Monthly)   Contact the registrar for specific costs as well as tuition assistance.  
Eligible for IDMANN Challenge Bursary?   Yes (See conditions)