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Sister schools use the resources of IDMANN Academy to hold their classes, and to manage the entire tutorial experience of their students. Basically students "attend classes at IDMANN Academy". However, students from sister schools are taught by the same teachers they have always had at their home school.  By utilizing the considerable resources of IDMANN Academy and the experience with delivering online tutorial services to students, sister schools can get their students - and teachers - online very quickly with NO additional effort on the part of the sister school.

IDMANN Institute (through the Online Teacher Preparation Practicum (OTPP)) provides teachers at sister schools the critical (and ongoing) training needed to become proficient online teachers. OTPP recognizes that even though many teachers are very competent in their subject areas, delivering the material online requires a unique (and new) set of skills. OTPP provides the training needed to close that gap. (For more detail, refer to the OTPP program.) Participating teachers from sister schools go through the OTPP training and receive their certificates at the end of the designated period at no additional cost to the teachers or the sister school. This is a direct investment in the upskilling of the teachers at sister schools.

IDMANN Academy provides all the operational support needed by sister schools to teach their students online everyday. Transitioning legacy teaching material to "live" online content; registering students in appropriate [online] classes; managing day-to-day scheduling of classes; ensuring the suitability of the online sessions for the specific bandwidth available to students in the class(es); supporting the development of online testing and grading material for all classes; facilitating online "after-school" programs; providing real-time "technical support" to teachers during class sessions, etc., etc. ALL the operational support needed to ensure an effective school program - including a platform that is purpose-built for online teaching and NOT social networking - is provided by IDMANN Academy.