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This program is designed to be interactive and cooperative. Like all classes at IDMANN Institute, STP is led by highly trained instructors in live sessions. In addition to the extensive course content, students are expected to participate and interact with a live-instructor (and other students) in real-time to learn. Students learn in small groups led by experienced industry experts in the various modules. They also form cohorts within which they interact, share. and reinforce the practical aspects of their evolution into outstanding supervisors. Like in real life, projects are team-based, and students are expected to demonstrate their learning and evolution practically within the learning environment. This forms a safe environment for them to get feedback from their instructors and colleagues as they carry those skills into their respective workplaces. The goal is for students to form a lifelong cohort of colleagues (especially across different organizations and sectors) with whom they can continue to grow and share experiences (and best practices) even after the formal training session is completed.  

Given that the program is targeted to working adults, class sessions are scheduled for evenings and weekends. This intense online program has been designed to support entry-level supervisors as they develop essential and critical skills needed to successfully lead others in the workplace.  Participants will understand how to develop self-confidence, learn how to inspire that same confidence in their colleagues, acquire the technical and managerial tools for effective supervision, and inculcate the skills needed to build - and sustain - effective teams in pursuit of organizational goals.