This program is intended for students and working professionals in China who want an immersive experience in the English Language. It provides students an opportunity to learn English in very small groups, taught by seasoned English Language educators. Beyond that, students also study American culture; they practice presenting their ideas and WRITTEN opinions before an audience of their peers thereby building their confidence and presentation skills.

All this while in a supportive environment. The focus on public speaking is intentional as it provides students the support they need to become confident well rounded speakers of the English Language. The course seeks to go beyond linguistic barriers to bridge cultural gaps between Americans and Chinese students. It runs for 16 weeks.

This special program is designed to support linguistic achievement by students and professionals of Chinese origin, while fostering cultural understanding. The course is structured into daily two-hour sessions for a total of sixteen (16) weeks. Students are organized into cohorts comprising of about five students with comparable linguistic skills, and they work with a highly trained and dedicated instructor and coach for the entire period. Guest instructors are brought in as needed to cover specialized modules in the learning process. Classes typically meet in our secure online classrooms between 6p.m. and 8p.m. (local time in China) in order to accommodate working students. Given the small class size, changes may be made to the schedule when unavoidable.


The design of the Professional Development Program for China (PDP-China) borrows very heavily from our broader course offerings at IDMANN Institute. Most of our courses focus on technical entrepreneurship and personal development. We believe that learning is not a phase in life but a way of life. Our course offerings endeavor to expose students to what they need to know, and equip them with the tools, confidence, and judgment, to continuously discover more for themselves. We teach our students to question and to probe, and most of all, to develop their own unique perspective on the world around them. PDP-China kick-starts this lifelong - and enjoyable - experience for our Chinese students by giving them the tools they need to communicate and interact with the wider world - in English.

IDMANN PDP-China incorporates six modules. They are:

Module I - Use of English: Students will learn how to properly and effectively use the English language by developing their core grammatical skills. 

Module II - Creative Writing & Personal Expression: Students will learn how to convey their thoughts and ideas in writing and will develop an appreciation of the importance of being able to express themselves effectively through written communication. Initially, students will be assigned a visual reference (e.g. movie, video, event, news clip or similar) and will be asked to write an essay about that material as a way to hone their creative writing skills. As they improve, they will be invited to explore their own feelings and observations as part of the creative writing process.

Module III - Public Speaking: For most people, this is a terrifying undertaking. Being able to communicate effectively in public is a lifelong skill that is needed in virtually all aspects of one’s life. This module will focus on the preparation and delivery of effective oral communication in a public setting. Students will be taught the core techniques of public speaking prior to being required to make several presentations to their colleagues. The goal is to provide significant practice in public speaking so as to build the confidence of every student in the cohort.

Module IV - Listening & Attentiveness: Most conflicts—in both personal and professional spheres– result from a failure to listen. The ability to listen effectively is key when communicating with others. In this module, student will learn ‘active listening’. They will acquire the skills to elicit, receive and interpret information in the process of communication. Interestingly, this is also a key to learning a new language. By developing active listening skills, students not only learn how to interact with others but learn how to learn from them!

Module V - Customer Service & Professionalism: This module will teach students how to interact professionally with customers in order to maximize client satisfaction. This is perhaps the most important element in determining how customers feel about a company or organization. This module will help students identify and focus on their customers as partners in creating a mutually satisfying commercial or professional transaction. It will also explore the differences in consumer expectations between different cultures. American customer expectations and norms will be discussed.

Module VI - Practicum: This final module will require students to integrate all the learning from the preceding modules into a cohesive style and persona. In consultation with the instructor, students will be assigned topics of interest on which they will interview people (in their real lives), write essays, make presentations to the group AND produce short videos that will be shared with their colleagues, friends and family. The feedback from these personal contacts will be incorporated into the final training session at the end of the course.

For more questions about  PDP-China, you may send an email to .


Classes are held daily, typically starting at 6p.m. and ending at 8p.m. on weekdays (local time, China).  They are held in LIVE, interactive online sessions led by highly experienced instructors. A simplified timetable for a single cohort (~ 5-6 students) is shown below.



The following scheduling information is helpful for those seeking to register:

  • The next session of PDP-China starts on the 3rd of August, 2020.
  • Students will be invited to an orientation session the week before that to ensure that all technical and operational issues are addressed prior to the start of classes the following week.
  • Registration for new cohorts opens on the 15th of June, 2020.
  • Students with special needs are welcome to IDMANN Institute. We are happy to provide reasonable accommodations for students with special needs even outside of this indicated window. Parents or students may send an email to to discuss their children's special needs and how we might be able to assist in creating the least restrictive learning environment for the child.
  • Special classes for organizations, groups or associations may be arranged outside of this standing schedule. (For group schedules, send email to )



Application & Registration Fees:


 Application Fee

(One Time)

 Tuition    $150/student/week