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This program is intended for students and working professionals in China who want an immersive experience in the English Language. It provides students an opportunity to learn English in very small groups, taught by seasoned English Language educators. Beyond that, students also study American culture; they practice presenting their ideas and WRITTEN opinions before an audience of their peers thereby building their confidence and presentation skills.

All this while in a supportive environment. The focus on public speaking is intentional as it provides students the support they need to become confident well rounded speakers of the English Language. The course seeks to go beyond linguistic barriers to bridge cultural gaps between Americans and Chinese students. It runs for 16 weeks.

This special program is designed to support linguistic achievement by students and professionals of Chinese origin, while fostering cultural understanding. The course is structured into daily two-hour sessions for a total of sixteen (16) weeks. Students are organized into cohorts comprising of about five students with comparable linguistic skills, and they work with a highly trained and dedicated instructor and coach for the entire period. Guest instructors are brought in as needed to cover specialized modules in the learning process. Classes typically meet in our secure online classrooms between 6p.m. and 8p.m. (local time in China) in order to accommodate working students. Given the small class size, changes may be made to the schedule when unavoidable.